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The goal is to be debt-free as soon as possible so that you can have financial freedom and that, should I need to change work, I don’t have to worry about debit orders dragging me down (car and house).
7 Tips on How to Stay

Debt free

Nokofin's debt relief program will ensure that consumers are debt free in a very short period of time.

Basic principles to follow in order to stay debt free of your old bad debt loans:

  1. Draft a monthly budget of your expenses, review the budget on monthly basis and stick to the payments.
  2. Dont fall behind on monthly payments for any bills, including credit cards, store cards, loans and any other financial obligations.
  3. Always save money, should any unforeseen accident, loss of employment or emergency arise.
  4. Learn to negotiate with credit companies.
  5. Understand the concept of interest charges especially on bad debt..
  6. Be realistic by setting attainable and achievable goals. Cut down on unnecessary spending to avoid spending more than your income. It is important to stay debt-free as much as possible.
  7. keep track of your financing.

If you fail in any of the above there is a life line for you, it is called debt review or debt counseling.

The purpose of the debt review is not to relieve the over indebted consumer of his financial obligations but to achieve a voluntary debt re-arrangement to assist them in being debt free. Over-indebtedness is ‘based on the principle of satisfaction of all responsible consumer obligations. If the consumer is in default the consumer is entitled to a 60 business days’ moratorium during which time the parties may attempt to resolve their dispute.


Debt consolidation

All of your debt repayments will be consolidated into one reduced monthly repayment plan. We  will work out an amount that covers all of your repayments. This includes all your legal fees and debt review costs.

Protect assets

Your assets, including your home and car, will be protected from repossession. Debt counselling will protect your assets from being repossessed as a result of defaulting on repayments.

No more harassing calls

You will no longer get calls from your creditors demanding payment.
Once placed under debt review, you will no longer be at risk of getting deeper into debt. 

Peace of mind

Gives you Peace of Mind that your debt is being paid. Help You Live Comfortably with all living expenses covered. Help You Reach Your Goal of settling the debt.
Helps you Change your financial spending behaviour.

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We are specialists in: Cancellation of Debt Review - Debt Mediation - Debt counseling - debt settlement negotiations - Rescission of Magistrate Court Judgments - Rescission of High Court Judgments - Rescission of Administration Orders  - Removal of trace alert listings - Removal of default listings  - Updating of poor payment profile - trace alerts removal - credit score improvements - Early termination of debt counseling.

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