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Debt review

How to tackle financial stress

Financial Problems

Financial problems or financial difficulties is a situation where money worries are causing you sleepless nights. Many consumers are facing hard financial times and the impact on mental health can be very significant. These problems can look impossible to overcome, but you can get help and take steps to improve your situation.

try to stay positive 

Your mindset can help keep you motivated to fix your financial problems. Rather than get bogged down by thoughts of never getting out of debt, imagine the amount of stress you feel decreasing as your debt load gets smaller and smaller. It’s important to believe you can do it and we are here to help you all the way.

be realistic

 Determine what you can achieve and then dedicate yourself to following through each and every month. set yourself a target: “Each month I will spend less and pay creditors what you have planed and agreed to pay them.” you don’t want to set overly ambitious financial goals that you may abandon in a few weeks or months and we are here to help  youdetermine that realistic goal

make the most of your income

The belief that you simply don’t have enough money to put towards your goals can keep you from dealing with your financial problems. Try to focus on making the most of the income you do have by spending wisely and we can help you make the most of your income

success begins here 

Noko financial services

We create a practical, PERSONALIZED, financial recovery plan for you

How we can help with debt 

1 - Combine repayments and debt accounts into one affordable installments .
2 - You get immediate cash flow relief.
3 - Reduces monthly debt installments to what you can afford.
4 - Our program Is sustainable and regulated by the NCR.
5 - Protects against creditors and repossession.
6 - Leaves enough cash flow for living expenses.
7 -At the end of the program you get a clearance certificate to clear your credit record.

Reduce Installments

Debt Review will reduce your monthly installments drastically. The debt counselling process can be finalized telephonically.

Free Consultation

Our Debt Counselling services includes free initial consultation to assess your financial situation.

No Upfront Fees

All our fees are included in the debt repayment plan for you. Let one of our professional ncr registered Debt Counselors assist you right away.

We Do All The Work

As a Debt Review Company we will do all the negotiations with your creditors and ensure that creditors accept our proposal.

Benefit with the Debt Review Process

Debt Review

Who should apply for debt review(debt counseling)?

Our services are national and any consumer in South Africa who is over indebted can apply for debt review. If you are unable to honour monthly debt installments and if you are in arrears with debt payments.

Who will assist you with debt review?

Our company has debt counselors with extensive experience in debt mediation and review. Our counsellors offer a service that is skilled and professional, Debt counsellors are appointed through the South African National Credit Act(NCA) and as such endorsed by the NCR.

What do debt counsellors do?

A debt counselor will become the intermediary between you and your creditors. They will manage the communication process with your creditors and all debt payment negotiations. The debt counselor will take your finances under debt review and then design a payment plan unique to your financial circumstances. They will also communicate with you on a regular basis to provide you with additional support. The debt counselor will negotiation with your creditors to offer you reductions in outstanding amounts. Our experience will ensure that creditors agree to reduce overall debt amounts and in certain instance they will even agree to reduce interests(but this is not guaranteed). This is greatly beneficial to you because it will enable you to pay off your debt in arrears much faster than what you would originally have been able to.

What are the pros and cons of being under debt review?

The biggest advantage will be an emotional one. Emotionally you will become relieved from all of the pressure of being over indebted. When you are under debt review you will be in a ‘safer place’ financially. You will be able to see the future more clearly because the debt counselor will support you to get back on your feet again. There are many other benefits to debt review which will allow you to experience a better quality of life. The disadvantage is that you cannot apply for any credit while under debt review.




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What is the process of applying for 

Debt review?

Step One  - Complete our application form, sign it and submit to us plus supporting documents. As soon as we receive ityou are protected from creditors.

Step Two - The debt counsellor will determine what you can afford to pay to your creditors each month and work out a new repayment schedule. This schedule will be presented to creditors

Step Three - When all the creditors have accepted our proposal The documents will then be legally binding by all parties until the last payment on the proposal is made.

About our services

We are specialists in: Cancellation of Debt Review - Debt Mediation - Debt counseling,  Itc clearance.

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