Who should apply for Debt Review?

Too much debts?

Who should apply with for relief? A question frequently asked by our clients or potential clients. If you struggle to repay your monthly expenses with your salary and you are afraid that creditors will take further steps, debt review will most likely be the solution to your problems.

Debt review provides protection against any legal actions against you, but it is important to apply to be under debt review before any actions are taken against you. 

With a successful application the debt counsellor will arrange a suitable repayment to all creditors. This repayments will be done after a budget has been drawn up for you by the debt councellor.

We suggest you apply for debt review if some of the below are true to your current financial situation:

  • Your expenses are more than your monthly salary
  • You use other loans or credit facilities to repay your current debt. For example ... you are looking at a debt consolidation loan to repay all your other debt.
  • You are afraid that creditors might start legal action against you
  • You are committed to be financial free again in the future.
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