My debts are too much

How to get out of Debt?

In the current economic situation it is not always easy to get of debt ... or stay out of debt.

Salary earners only receive a capped monthly income, no matter how hard they work and cannot really do anything about the increase of costs such as fuel, electricity and interest rates.

Here is some tips that might be able to assist you with your budget:

- You need to draw up a monthly budget with your income and expense. 

   This will provide you with a realistic picture of your current financial situation.

- Never buy luxury items on credit. Save and budget for it to pay it cash. 

- Try to repay an additional amount on your debt every month. Even a small amount can speed up the repayment of 
   outstanding debt.

- Do not go for shopping when you hungry ... you will end up buying more items than you need.

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