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What is Debt Remedy?


Noko finacial services offers a debt remedy and debt advice service to clients who have accumulated a poor credit record. Noko finacial services aim to reduce client’s debt, clear credit records, remove judgments and rescind summons, thus enabling clients with the ability to freely borrow money and make purchases in the future. Reduces clients lack of knowledge on how to handle credit effectively.


Benefits of debt remedy:


Noko finacial services will draw up a full credit report on clients, determining credit records, judgments, defaults, etc.

Develops a tailored and supportive debt relief plan

Establishes debt settlement amounts from credit providers

Appeals to courts to have judgments rescinded, if necessary

Educates clients on how improve credit scores and manage their budgets more efficiently

Increases the chance of clients gaining the ability to borrow money again at a competitive interest rate


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