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What is debt counselling ?


It is a formal and closely managed debt solution, introduced by the National Credit Act in 2007. Noko financial services guides clients with debt problems through debt counselling, enabling them to make monthly debt repayments and gaining back their financial stability,these will help clients who are struggling to make debt payments by entering them into a structured debt repayment plan with their credit providers, in order to ensure they take firm control of their financial situation and settle their short and long-term debt,We have a mandate with 98% of credit providers to extend the terms and reduce interest rates down to zero if necessary. Our aim to get clients to be debt free in 60 months. With 90% of Noko financial services proposals to credit providers being accepted, debt counselling can be considered as a highly effective method of becoming debt free.




Enables you to make monthly debt repayments

Relieves you from creditors hassling you for money

Prevents you from declaring bankruptcy

Maps out the path for reducing bad debt and becoming debt free

Decreases summonses and judgements against clients

You will be educated about your financial rights and how to work better with finances going forward

Determined by a Noko finacial services , clients will be classified as over-indebted and considered for debt counselling “if taking all financial circumstances into consideration, a client is deemed to be unable to repay their debts”.

Legally, clients applying for debt counselling, must be employed and earning a monthly income

Most importantly, Noko finacial services  aim to give clients hope for a future of financial well being and the ability to borrow credit again.